How Wedding Photographers can GET MORE CLIENTS by working with Wedding Planners

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how wedding photographers can get more client working with wedding planners

A little known secret wedding planners have is we are totally WILLING and ABLE to help Wedding Photographers get more clients and increase their business profits.  Yes,  by hooking up with a wedding planner, or two or three, you can totally be in a better position to GET MORE CLIENTS.  Wedding Photographers are in a very tight business and the competition is steep!  Everywhere you look someone just received their first DSLR camera and went on Wix and put up a photography website.  Thousands of wedding blogs feature thousands of photographers amazing work.  It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in this market.  I do photography (mostly boudoir) on the side, so I see this from a unique perspective of a wedding designer and a photographer.  As a photographer you NEED more clients and to get to them over other photographers, and as a wedding designer I need to refer my clients great photographers.

So how can you be MY solution and my go to photographer?  Easy!  Here are 5 ways you can get me or any other wedding planner to refer YOUR photography business over the next guys.

1.  Send me a full wedding sample album.  Brand it, package it and mail it out to me with a pretty please show your clients note and a bunch of business cards.  Don’t try to take time from my day but trying to “meet up”.  I don’t have that kind of time and that will NEVER work.  Time is MONEY, so unless you want to pay me for hearing your business pitch don’t bother.  I have a business to run and there are only so many hours in a day.  Meeting face to face is great for potential CLIENTs, but not busy professionals that need to meet face to face with their own clients.

That being said imagine how EASY it is for me to show off your beautiful album to clients.  It makes me look good to save them time by having one to show and makes you look good by making my life easier.  That’s the key!  Make my life easier and I’ll help you get more clients.  Most clients who hire me are busy busy busy and don’t have time to meet face to face with vendors, so they trust me to choose vendors for them.  A lot are destination weddings that I only meet the day before their wedding.  They are great clients but they don’t fit into the mold they tell you about having to meet and sell yourself to each potential client.  That’s a cookie cutter way of doing business and it’s not always going to work out.

2.  Offer to set up a styled shoot with me and take the photos.  Or offer to take new photos for my bio area on my website.  Just offer to do something nice for me no strings attached.  If you are easy to work with and get photos back to me lightening fast I’ll credit you on my site and always think of you when its time to get a photographer for clients.  Styled shoots especially are a LOT of investment and work for me, so when I find a photographer that I can count on to show up and deliver photos back quickly, I’m a fan for life.  When I have to wait months to get images back, I don’t forget that either, so be sure you can handle the editing process in a timely way or outsource it.

3.  Send me your business collateral and offer an exclusive discount for my clients.  This is a great way to add value to your business to my clients.  When I tell them so and so has a special deal just for my clients it makes you look good and me a hero.  Win-win!  Not everyone can afford an album right away to give planners, but this is another way you can get on top of the list of possible photographers with not much work.

4.  Keep in touch!  Email is preferred, but check back now and then with me and ask about how things are going.  Ask if I need more business cards or anything else.  Remind me how nice and sweet you are.  Offer a free personal shoot.  Just do something, anything to get me to continue to think of you.

5.  My favorite way, is to refer your clients to ME.  Yes, its a two way street.  I love helping out photographers, but it always blows my mind when they help me out too.  I almost have to put you above all the others just for that sweet gesture.  Because while I love working with easy and sweet photographers it really makes me feel amazing to know that they think I’m super amazing and sweet to work with too!

So there you have it photographers!  My 5 top tips to getting referrals from wedding planners.  I hope you get inspired and start implementing them in your business plan.  Remember in business people buy from PEOPLE.  Be easy to work with and work will easily find you.  😉

BONUS tip!  When you working with a planner SEND her photos of the wedding for her PORTFOLIO!  This is the sweetest most awesome amazing wonderfully kind and perfect way to get a planner to love ya.   Its the most obvious and most under done way.  Please make it a normal part of your business to just give a few pix to all the vendors involved.  All vendors are possible referral machines!

Get to the comments section and let me know what you think about my tips?  Will you be using them?

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