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acne miami

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acne miami

I remind you of those because if you have ACNE a lot of what I said for Body ACNE still is true for face and after ACNE goes you usually have scars or dark spots and could you advice on Whitening Ingredients.

If you have acne you could have oily skin that is clogging pores or you could just have hormonal or extremely sensitive skin.  Most over the counter medications treat the most common cause, oily skin.  So let’s get into the complicated types of acne…hormonal and sensitive.

For hormonal acne the best and surest method is regulating your hormones.  There are many food you could be eating that disrupt hormones, soy, a lot of preservatives, processed foods, etc.  Give a hard looking into your diet and research every single ingredient your put into it.  This is time consuming, but so are the expensive acne products taking up space in your medicine cabinet.  Every action has a reaction.  What you put into your body could be the prime culprit.  There are food myths such as chocolate, etc. But the truth is our foods are the source for many allergies and sensitivities that can show up on our faces when just mild.

For hyper sensitive skin, other than just diet be careful about what touches your skin.  A great tip is avoiding fragrance of ANY and ALL kinds.  Refuse to buy scented anything.  No perfumes, no moisturizers or soaps with fragrance  Look for paraban free products.  If you have acne on your body, not just your face be sure you avoid fragrance and parabans in you detergent and stay away from fabric softeners.  Even essential oils and natural fragrance can be an issue, so stay away!  Use a wipe of alcohol on your armpits now and then to control oder while avoiding any deodorants and antiperspirants.

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