Amazing Purple Flowering Vine in Miami, FL

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Florida means “full of flowers”, but for some reason I get jealous when I go to other parts of the world and other parts of the US when I see their lovely flowers.  I swoone for hydrangeas, get giddy for cherry blooms, and die for wisteria vines.  I guess I’m sick of palm trees and orchids.  I do get excited when the jacaranda tress bloom, but most of the time it’s pretty boring to me.  Then I found my lovely pink trumpet flower.  It actually grows in our climate.  Not only grows but it grows like CRAZY!

Here is a pic my father took of his blooming like mad!

They are very easy to grow, just take a branch and stick it in dirt.  BAM!

But still I wanted a wisteria vine.  I saw them in France and Italy and I was crazy jealous of their beauty and fragrance.  So when I saw my neighbor had these babies growing I was jumping for joy!

I searched and search and FINALLY found them!  Purple Petrea Vine Plant – Florida Wisteria – Queen’s Wreath.  Yup Florida’s own Wisteria vine!  It actually grows here!  Not sure if it has the fragrance, but just LOOK at it!  Gorgeous!  I ordered mine and two more purple flowering vines off ebay.

My cherry blossom tree and wisteria vine died horrible deaths.  They couldn’t deal with our climate.  My hydrangeas look dehydrated to say the least.  But these all are made for Miami’s climate.  I’m excited!

Oh and something I never thought would work, looks promising!  That’s a fancy eggplant.  Purple and white stripes!  Isn’t it cute?


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